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Update to the AQIS Methyl Bromide Fumigation Standard

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文章时间: 2010-9-05 周日, 下午6:34    标题: Update to the AQIS Methyl Bromide Fumigation Standard 引用回复

What are the changes?
Changes have been made to the standard in section three 'Consignment suitability for fumigation'. The changes recognise that free air space requirements for an effective fumigation will vary depending on the commodity and the method of packing. The changes also provide additional clarification on the options available to fumigators when assessing the suitability of consignments for fumigation.
What do these changes mean to the fumigation industry?
Section 3.1: The mandatory requirement for a total of 350 mm free air space above, below, around and between the commodities has been removed. While 350 mm free air space is still recommended, if the free airspace around a consignment is not 350 mm in total, the fumigator must assess whether there is enough free airspace to allow the fumigant to act effectively on the target of the fumigation. If so, the fumigation may be carried out. The fumigator must take and record readings from representative locations within the fumigation enclosure to demonstrate that all concentrations are at or above the standard and in equilibrium at the start of the fumigation.
Section 3.2: Where a consignment cannot be fully inspected to ensure it is free from wrappings or surfaces impervious to methyl bromide the fumigator may rely on a packing declaration that clearly states this information. Where this is not available the fumigator may contact a party that has sufficient knowledge of the consignment to obtain a written declaration as to the suitability of the consignment for methyl bromide fumigation. Where these options are not available, the consignment should be unpacked for inspection to determine suitability for fumigation.

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