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文章时间: 2005-9-26 周一, 下午8:15    标题: 过海关实用英语 引用回复

过海关实用英语 :

入关 ; 行李 ; 海关申报; 机位预约、确认 ......

一 入关

麻烦请给我你的护照。 May I see your passport, please?

这是我的护照。 Here is my passport / Here it is.

旅行的目的为何? What's the purpose of your visit?

(移民)(观光)(公务)。 (Immigrant)(Sightseeing)(Businese).

随身携带多少现金? How much money do you have with you?

大约10,000元。 I have 10,000 dollars.

祝你玩得愉快。 Good. Have a nice day.

谢谢。 Thank you.

二 行李

我在何处可取得行李? Where can I get my baggage?

我找不到我的行李。 I can'find my baggage.

这是我的行李票。 Here is my claim tag.

是否可麻烦紧急查询? Could you please check it urgently?

你总共遗失了几件行李? How many pieces of baggage have you lost?

请描述你的行李。 Can you describe your baggage?

它是一个中型的灰色绅耐特皮箱。 It is a medium-sized Samsonite, and it's gray.

它是一个上面系有我名牌的大型皮制黑蓝色行李箱。It is a large leather suitcase with my name tag. It's dark blue.

它是一个茶色小旅行袋。 It's a small ovemight bag. It's light brown.

我们正在调查,请稍等一下。 Please wait for a moment while we are investigating.

我们可能遗失了几件行李,所以必须填份行李遗失报告。 We may have lost some baggage so we'd like to make a lost baggage report.

请和我到办公室。 Would you come with me to the office?

多快可找到? How soon will I find out?

一旦找到行李,请立即送到我停留的饭店。 Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you've located it.

若是今天无法找到行李,你可如何帮助и? How can you help me if you can't find my baggage today?

我想要购买过夜所需的用品。 I'd like to purchase what I need for the night.

三 海关申报

请出示护照和申报单。 Your passport and declaration card, please.

是否有任何东西需要申报? Do you have anything to declare?

没有。 No, I don't.

请打开这个袋子。 Please open this bag.

这些东西是做何用? What are these?

这些是我私人使用的东西。 These are for my personal use.

这些是给朋友的礼物。 These are gifts for my friends.

这是我要带去台湾的当地纪念品。 This is a souvenir that I'm taking to Toronto.

你有携带任何酒类或香烟吗? Do you have any liquor or cigarettes?

是的,我带了两瓶酒。 Yes, I have two bottles of whisky.

这个相机是我私人使用的。 The camera is for my personal use.

你必须为这项物品缴付税金。 You'll have to pay duty on this.

你还有其他行李吗? Do you have any other baggage?

好了!请将这张申报卡交给出口处的官员。 O.K. Please give this declaration card to that officer at the exit.

四 机位预约、确认

联合航空,您好。 Hello. This is United Airlines.

请说您的大名与班机号码? What's your name and flight number?

行程是那一天?6月10日。 When is it? June 10th.

我找不到您的大名。真的? I can't find your name. Really?

我仍然无法在订位名单中找到您的名字。 I still can't find your name on the reservation list.

一个经济舱座位,对吗? One economy class seat, is that right?

谢谢。你们何时开始办理登机? Thanks a lot. What time do you start check-in?

你必须在至少1小时前办理登机。 You must check-in at least one hour before.

抱歉,这班飞机已客满。 Sorry, this flight is full.

下一班飞往多伦多的班机何时起飞? When will the next flight to Toronto leave?

太好了。请告诉我班机号码与起飞时间? That will be fine. What's the flight number and departure time?

我想要再确认班机。 I'd like to reconfirm my flight.

我想要确认班机时间没有改变。 I'd like to make sure of the time it leaves.

请再告诉我一次您的大名? May I have your name again?

别担心,这班班机仍有空位提供新的订位者。 Anyway, we have seats for new bookings on this flight. No problem.

没问题,您已完成订位。 Now you have been booked.

起飞前2小时。 Two hours before departure time.

那么,请帮我重新订位。 Then, please give me a new reservation.

若是我在此等候,有机位的机率有多大? What is the possibility of my getting a seat if I wait?

后天,星期五。 The day after tomorrow, Friday.

费用多少? What is the fare?
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