Trinity Grammar School 崔尼迪文法学校

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Trinity Grammar School住宿方式:
(1)提供校内住宿(boarding),可容纳30人,,2011年住宿费18, 884澳元

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Trinity Grammar School中学语言预备课程:
由Holmes Institute提供

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Trinity Grammar School VCE课程设置:
(01) Art: Art, Media, Visual Communication and Design
(02) Commerce: Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Legal Studies
(03) Drama: Drama, Theatre Studies
(04) English: English, English as a Second Language, English Language, Literature
(05) Geography: Geography
(06) History: Australian History, Classical Societies and Cultures, Renaissance Italy History,
Revolutions, Twentieth Century History
(07) Information Technology: Information Technology, Information Technology Applications,
Software Development
(08) LOTE: Chinese as a First Language, Chinese as a Second Language, French, German
(09) Mathematics: Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics
(10) Music: Music Investigation, Music Performance, Music Style and Composition
(11) PE: Health and Human Development, Physical Development, Physical Education
(12) Science: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Psychology
(13) Technology: Design and Technology (Product), Design and Technology, Design and
Technology (Fashion)

Trinity Grammar School课外活动:
(01) Drama
(02) Music
(03) Sport
(04) Debating
(05) Public Speaking
(06) Robotics
(07) Solar Cars and Boats
(08) Book Club
(09) Chess
(10) School Magazine
(11) Maths Games Day
(12) Golf
(13) Aeromodelling

Trinity Grammar School 2012学期设置:
Term 1开学:2012年2月3日
Term 2开学:2012年4月17日
Term 3开学:2012年7月17日
Term 4开学:2012年10月8日

Trinity Grammar School学校主要设施:
Trinity Grammar School, Kew has a blend of historical buildings and new modern facilities. The main campus at Kew features:
(01) A purpose-built Science Design and Technology Centre with eight laboratories and an
extensive area dedicated to design and technology
(02) Nearby sporting fields allow the boys to experience a wide range of sports including tennis,
soccer, football, hockey and cricket.
(03) Two well resourced libraries with private study areas for senior students and online access
to all library catalogues and other resource information.
(04) Specialist computer rooms are available during and after school. In addition,each boy has
his own notebook computer with online access to the internet and the School’s intranet
service and library catalogues through a wireless network system. Computers are purchased
through the School.
(05) The Art Department has graphics and art studios, a print room, a dark room and an Art
(06) The Music Department has many private practice rooms, rehearsal room, sound recording desk
and other music studios.
(07) The Sports complex has three basketball courts, a fully equipped gymnasium and classrooms.
(08) The 25 metre swimming pool is at the Kew site.
(09) The School canteen provides a variety of hot and cold foods and drinks for morning snacks
and lunch. Asian foods and rice are often on the menu.
(10) Year 12 students have their own common room where they can meet with each other in a
relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
Bulleen: Marles Playing Fields
Lake Eppalock: Leppitt Outdoor Education Centre used for Year 7 and 8 camps
Licola: More than 600 acres in the Victorian High Country, adjoining the Alpine National Park, on the Wellington and Macalister Rivers. Used for bushwalking, Year 9 groups and bush camping. Three and a quarter hours from Kew.

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Trinity Grammar School宗教背景:

Trinity Grammar School姊妹学校:
Ruyton Girls’ School
位于Trinity Grammar School 以东600米,2010年VCE成绩的平均分位列维多利亚州全部565所高中第14位