Recycled Materials

Australian Winner International cooperate with many waste management companies, and supply many types of recycled materials, such as: Recycled plastic, Paper, Cardboard, Scrap Metals, Equipment, Auto, Base Metals, Brass, COMEX, Computer, Copper, Exotic, Stainless Alloys, Glass, Iron & Steel, LME, Non Ferrous, NYMEX, Other Metals, Precious Metals, Textile, etc.

Our suppliers are the top five Australian largest recycling companies, 2007-2008 report showing these recycling companies:

  • Employed over 7,000 people

  • Operated over 280 sites

  • Manufactured over 800,000 tonnes of 100% recycled packaging paper and 3800,000 tonnes of planatation-sourced kraft paper

  • Produced over 9200,000 tonnes of packaging products

  • Collected, sorted or processed more than 2.5 million tonnes of used industrial and post-consumer materials

  • Generated more than $3.2 billion in revenue

The following recycled materials are available from Australia, unless specific mention with the item description:

Loaded into container:

Please feel free to contact us to inquire the following recycled materials:

  • Lead/Acid Battery Recycling

  • Nickel Content Battery Recycling

  • Other Battery Recycling

  • Electronic Scrap

  • Used/Reusable Iron & steel

  • Scrap Steel & Iron

  • Mill Prepaired Steel Scrap

  • Railroad Scrap & Ship Breaking

  • Copper Scrap

  • Bronze & Brass Scrap

  • Aluminum Scrap

  • Zinc Scrap

  • Magnesium Scrap (Mg)

  • Tin Scrap (Sn)

  • Lead Scrap (Pb)

  • Used/Reusable Non Ferrous Metals

  • Stainless Steel Alloy Scrap (Ni, Co, Mo, Cr)

  • Scrap Mercury Recovery (Hg)

  • Titanium Scrap (Ti)

  • Tungsten Scrap (W)

  • Other Exotic Metals Scrap

  • Scrap Gold Recovery (Au)

  • Silver Recovery (Ag)

  • Scrap Platinum Group Metals

  • Scrap Catalytic Converter Recycling

  • Mixed Precious Metals Recycling

  • Metal Recycling Jobs



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