Seafood - Canned Abalone Meat

Our partner is the foremost partner of wild abalone in Australia. We pack a completely unique range of superb products in our own brand, or pack as your requirement.

Established in Australia, our partner produce and export abalone for the local WA market, the greater Australian market and the traditional Asian market in Singapore and Hong Kong.

When you purchase our partner abalone you are buying a superior quality product from an Australian owned company. We only sell wild-caught abalone, not farmed abalone, and two of the three species we offer are only found in Australia.

Our partner packages three types of canned and frozen abalone in a range of sizes and prices;

  • Brownlip abalone is Australia's rare King abalone. Sweetly flavoured, with a tender texture and perfect creamy colour.

  • Greenlip abalone is Australia's most famous abalone and is caught in the cold, deep waters of the Southern Ocean.

  • Our canned abalone grows in the wild of Australia's South West. This abalone reaches just the right size to serve whole to your banquet guests.

  • Abalone are the perfect gift for close friends and relatives, a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year and a delicacy for weddings and special banquets.




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