Types of Outsourced Services


Types of Outsourced Services Typically, there are two types of Outsourced services, Technology and Business Process. They each can be broken into the following areas:

  1. Technology Services

  2. Business Process Outsourcing

Technology Services include:


Infrastructure is the basic physical hardware which is used to support the information. This would probably include media, lines with regards to telephones, cable lines, satellites and antennas, routers, aggregators, repeaters and such kind of devices to establish a path of communication.

This if properly done: would also be inclusive of software. Coined as the most important section, this kind of an Infrastructural Outsourcing lays down the base for an organizations development.

Software Application

Software Application on the other hand requires a thorough knowledge on the cut-edge technologies, for the process of development and licensing the software. By the outsourcing of this kind of software application: an organization saves itself from the hiring of extra suitable intellectuals and on the other hand receives a fleet of the same from an offshore vendor.

Web Site Hosting and Development

This is actually supposed to be one of the most sophisticated part of the outsourcing sections. In addition to web site development, web site hosting agreements are put in place to provide assurances regarding the protection and privacy of the data, the security of the web site, and the type of technology the site will use to prevent unauthorized access to content. These would include patents and licenses.


Ecommerce supports the development of the business resulting in finances. The object of the same is to get to vendors or retailers or sellers, thus fulfilling the main purpose of the business. The success of e-commerce is directly proportional to an organizations development. The Outsourcing for the same, actually lends a hand to specialized third parties, who possess market contacts to generate business from the scratch.

Business Process Outsourcing includes:

Call Centers

Call Centers or the customer contact has become the most essential form of the business as of now. International Call Centers have activated themselves in a wide variety of services, ranging from customer satisfaction surveys to debt collection, administration of credit card, banking, insurance and retail consumer sales operations and virtually every function that can be performed using a telephone and a computer.

Financial Outsourcing

Financial Outsourcing has formed a huge shape in the global scenario. Outsourcing the financial and accounting functions allows organization's customer to purchase expertise part-time across a huge area of availability. This would include accounts receivable and payable, payroll, general ledger accounting, employee reporting and other compliance routines. A Financial Outsourcing vendor, since specializes in this field, keeps the books, does the auditing and even has been reported to be reducing the taxations on payrolls.

Human Resource Outsourcing

As understood, Human Resource Outsourcing is one of the perfect fields to be Outsourced. This is because a vendor can turn up with unbelievable amount of resources than a single skilled person working in an organization. The Outsourced Human Resource vendor actually takes care of paying the payrolls, taxes, withholdings and contributions as well as voluntary contributions to retirement and medical plans.




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