Egg Tray and Cartons

Available to worldwide


Paper Egg Trays, Cartons and other moulded paper pulp products are directly produced and available to worldwide customers.

We have the following egg trays and egg cartons available:

  • Yellow pulp egg cartons

  • Grey pulp egg cartons

  • Grey pulp egg trays

Please Contact us for detail quotation:

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  • Click email to send us your request.

MOQ: minimum order quantity of each products is one 40 foot container.

Payment: To help us to remain low costs, we require all customers to deposit 50% into our account while placing order, the balance to be paid when the container leaving the wharf in China.

Egg Cartons
egg_cartons_0001 egg_cartons_0003
Egg Cartons Production Line Egg Cartons Production Line
Egg Cartons Production Line  
Egg Tray
egg_tray_0001 egg_tray_0005
Egg Tray Production Line  

Other Paper Products


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