Outsourcing Services

Australian Winner Online is one of the top visiting business & cultural websites in southern hemisphere. Provide quality and effective outsourcing services to all industries, through our business database.

Bringing a variety of backgrounds to the process to develop unique solutions for your project's goal.

When you are looking for responsive, innovative solutions, bring your challenges to Australian Winner Business Resource. Our inter-disciplinary team provides insights from the marketing, technical and quality control perspectives, to help you attract customers and maintain product integrity.

Australian Winner provides One Stop Outsourcing Services, available to worldwide customers:

  • Australia and China based personnel

  • Identification of items suitable for sub-contract manufacture in China

  • Communications management

  • Translation

  • In country visit hosting

  • Supplier location

  • Price and contract negotiation

  • Quality assurance and management

  • First article inspection

  • Scheduled lead times

  • Logistics Services

  • Import and export advice

  • In country warehousing

  • Drop shipments

  • Data Management

  • Transaction Management

  • Reconciliation

  • Reporting and Information Delivery

  • Performance Measurement

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